While we are a staffing firm connecting dental offices primarily with dental assistants and hygienists, there are agencies that cover just about any field imaginable. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, you know that the hiring process sucks. For companies, it can be expensive and time consuming. For applicants, several aspects make the situation extremely stressful as well as time consuming. This is where staffing firms come in. They help both sides by streamlining the process and making sure everyone’s time is spent as efficiently as possible regardless of which side of the table you sit on.

Employer Benefits:

Companies can save time and money by using staffing firms. These agencies have an ever-growing network of candidates that they can use to help quickly fill positions. Additionally, they are well versed in the hiring process as it is their job; it’s what they do every day. If done independently by businesses, employers take the long, tedious path to hire the correct person, often without the knowledge or resources needed to ensure efficiency. On top of that, this means that the business is actively drawing a team member’s time and energy away from other responsibilities.

No matter what the professional field is, the first step in hiring is forming a description of the open position. Not only does it take time to write up an attractive job post, but it’s crucial to find the correct place to post it. Many of the online places where job openings are put do not have a specialized applicant pool, especially the free ones. This means that there will be more resumes to comb through and fewer qualified applicants. That being said, businesses also have the ability to pay to post their jobs. Whether that means putting them at the top of the results for a general site or allowing them to be seen on specialized job boards, this can quickly run a company hundreds of dollars for just one post without a guarantee of quality candidates.

Ok, sure it’s tough to get applicants, but now that you have them the rest of the process should run smoothly, right? The unfortunate truth is that there are many people out there who are qualified candidates but are not responsive. This means that even after paying for a specialized post and vetting through hundreds of resumes, businesses still have to go through the hassle of contacting the applicants. Staffing firms bypass this massive headache by only connecting you with the most responsible, qualified, and professional candidates.

But how can staffing firms save a company money if they charge them a fee for their services? Well the hiring process is not what it was forty years ago. There are a lot of steps and expenses associated with hiring someone. In a 
study done in 2016 it was found that companies spend on average about $4,130 to hire a single employee in 42 days. These costs can easily go up if the wrong person is hired causing more problems in the long run. Staffing firms can not only help bring that number down but also make sure that the business is getting as much as possible out of the money that they do spend. Over time relationships between companies and staffing firms can strengthen, giving businesses confidence that they will get the best results. 

Job Seeker Benefits:

Looking for a job can be time consuming. There are a million different job posting sites out there so how do you know where to look? On top of that, some businesses don’t even post on these sites and you have to find their openings some other way. It can be stressful not knowing whether you are seeing all the open positions, especially with the varying requirements and filters used on the sites. This often leads to people applying to any job they can possibly find, regardless of relevance to their skillset or preferences. One of the best ways to make everything easier is to use a staffing firm.

Constantly looking for and applying to new positions can seem futile, especially if you never hear back from the hiring company. Staffing firms can help find more positions that better fit you as they likely have more knowledge about the job search process than your average applicant. When using these agencies, you are not limited to applying to each job one by one. Rather it is their job to look through hundreds of jobs that may be possible fits. What is important is that when they do finalize the positions for you, you’ll know that you are a truly competitive candidate for each one.

When you use a staffing agency, you add to the number of people working in your corner. In order for them to get paid, they need to provide companies with quality candidates that fit their requirements. Therefore, they don’t just want you to succeed, they need you to. The quicker and more appropriate place that they can place you, the better for them. This is done by getting to know what you are looking for and what your background looks like.

It’s difficult to not get lost in the pile of applicants. Staffing firms provide the chance to be put on the top. This can be because of either the relationships they have with specific companies they are partnered with or just the reputation of being a staffing agency. This gets your resume viewed quicker and by far more businesses than if you were to apply by yourself. Many of these firms also provide some sort of help with interviewing and polishing up your resume so that when you do get matched, you have the best chance of getting placed.

TLDR; Staffing firms can save hiring companies time and money whether large or small. On the job seeker end, you have the ability to be placed at more positions as well as only being matched with places that fit your preferences and needs. In general, the entire hiring process is streamlined for both sides.

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