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We bring dental professionals together to share ideas, create
relationships, and discover opportunities.

We understand your time is valuable.

Hiring should be easy

Our goal is to help dental practices save time by providing them with qualified and pre-screened candidates for their unique staffing needs. This allows dental providers to focus on their patients and reduces the time and effort required for recruitment and staffing.

Get your foot in the door

Always dreamed of a career in dental, but don't know how to get started? Our Introductory Workshops are aimed for those with big dreams and little or no experience.

Expand your skillset

Been in dental for awhile? Have the knowledge, but need more time with the skills? The Advanced Workshop is the one for you.

Make a great impression

Connect with people in the dental industry - our Networking Events are meant to bring people together. Get the inside scoop on tips and tricks of the trade from fellow leaders in the field.

Impressions 2023

First Impressions are everything.

We co-hosted Chicago’s most exclusive dental networking event on February 24, 2023 at Hubbard Inn.

Connect with industry professionals, practice owners, associates, newly-graduated dentists, hygienists, and D4s. This is a private event and spots are typically limited – stay tuned for more information on Impressions 2024!

Interested in attending?

Be on the lookout for an invite next year.

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CE Events

Starting or switching to a new industry can come with a wide number of unique challenges. We’re here to help get you as ready as possible to make that change. Our Introductory Workshops focus on a variety of topics such as resume building, interview prep, public speaking, intro to dental softwares, and how to create a professional online presence.

Study Clubs

Our Advanced Workshops are geared towards those looking to expand their current skill set. Whether you’re a Front Office Associate or a phone case with lanyard Dental Assistant, we offer advanced educational events to further develop your career. These topics range from learning how to use intraoral scanners and pour stone models, to planning and presenting treatment plans. We focus on the clinical skills and emphasize excellent patient care.

Campus Events

Interested in meeting other dental professionals near you? Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, share different ideas, and develop your professional network. We frequently host guest speakers with “in-field” experience such as practice owners, doctors, dental hygienists, and office managers to share powerful industry knowledge to advance your career.

Advanced workshops

We host exciting events every month - check back frequently as we update our calendar.  Hope to see you soon

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