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By now there are a lot of intra-oral scanners on the market and little to no reviews on them. The only “reviews” are from the manufacturers themselves touting their own scanners while forgetting to mention the pros and cons of each and everyone. We’ve decided to rank them all from the best value to the worst value so that you know what intraoral scanner would be best for your practice.

With so many scanners on the market, it’s hard to figure out what scanner is best fit for your practice. Here, we will rank all the scanners based on 6 criteria:

(1) Scan Quality

(2) Build Quality

(3) User Interface

(4) Ease of Use

(5) Unique Features

(6) Price

We aren’t affiliated with any one company nor are we endorsed by any. These are our opinions on what the best scanner would be for your practice.

Straight to the Point

The 10 most popular intraoral scanners on the market are:

Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan

Medit’s i500

3shape’s Trios

Planmeca’s Emerald S

Carestream’s CS 3700

Itero’s Intra Oral Scanner

GC America’s Aadva

Straumann’s Virtuo Vivo

Midmark’s True Definition

Shining 3D’s Intra Oral Scanner

The question is… which one will be the best investment for your practice? We’ll outline it here for you so you can make the best informed decision.

#1 Best Intraoral Scanner – The Medit i500

(1) Scan Quality – 5/5

The scanning quality of the i500 Medit rivals that of the big brand names like Trios and Dentsply Sirona. From single unit crowns to multi-unit bridges to partial frameworks and implants, the i500 Medit can scan it all in a speedy fashion. At this point in time, all scanners should be able to scan a full arch without any trouble. The i500 Medit is no exception. Color and shading match is accurate to a point. Sometimes the end user may need to adjust the computer generated shade matching; however this is seldom the case. The digital scan itself is highly accurate with precise measurements.

(2) Build Quality – 4.5/5

Although not the most premium feeling scanner on the market, who really cares? The scanner is light, durable, and sleek. Made out of plastic material, this scanner is probably the most simple scanner you can get on the market without losing quality and speed. The product comes with 4 extra scanner tips, which last around 100 scans depending on how you sanitize the scanner tips after every scan. The scanner also comes in many small boxes in an Apple like design. The scanner may not be made out of the best material, but it still feels good in your hands while you scan.

(3) User Interface – 5/5

Their Medit Link computer software is Free. No Annual Fee. No Monthly Fee. No Dongle. Is there any more to say? The software can easily be downloaded on any compatible computer and you can start scanning and creating digital files right away. You don’t have to worry about changing dongles or having an account code number associated with your scanner. The scanning user interface is intuitive to use and really easy to teach assistants to maneuver. Medit usually updates the software every couple of months or so and does not charge for it.

(4) Ease of Use – 5/5

There isn’t much else to say here. The scanner is fast, small, and captures accurate information. Doctors’ who already have the Medit barely complain and the scanner rarely has any issues in terms of use.

(5) Unique Features – 3/5

Needless to say, intraoral scanners are just cameras on a wand. There’s not much else to it. Some other scanners have unique features, but nothing in the Medit i500 is unique to its own. Everything the Medit does, everyone else can do. The Medit can do A.I. Abutment & A.I. Scan Body Matching. It can also do Margin Line Creation, Pre-Operation Scan, Impression Scan, High Resolution Scan, Occlusion Analysis, and Scan Replay. Again, nothing fancy here except for the basic features you should expect in a scanner.

(6) Price – 5/5

The dental world makes it hard to find the best and most accurate prices for any sort of dental equipment. However, with our research, the i500 Medit goes for MSRP of about $18,000-$20,000. That’s not bad considering you get the quality and speed of the high end intra oral scanners without breaking your back for one.

Cons – Because of Medit’s late entry into the intraoral scanner market, there are still some kinks that need to be fixed with the software. Sometimes, the scanner misreads and creates a double layer of an impression causing the doctor to start the scan all over. Although it is rare, it is definitely something to note when buying the scanner because patient time and your time is precious. Additionally, the scanner does not come with a computer, stand, or touch screen.. so if you want the luxury of looking really cool in front of your patient or mobility, you will not get it with the i500 unless you retrofit a DIY stand.

Who this Scanner is for – It’s for the doctors who want to have the highest quality scanner they can get without breaking their bank. The Medit i500 scan quality rivals that of Trios and others but doesn’t charge you so much for it. It’s a great starter scanner or it can be the scanner you embrace. Regardless, this is the best scanner for your buck. From no annual fees to simple ease of use, it’s no wonder the i500 Medit has been selling like hotcakes.

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