Recruitment Specialist

As a Recruiting Specialist at Arch Dental Group, Mayra finds deep satisfaction in uncovering untapped talent and guiding them toward roles that enrich both their careers and the fabric of Arch Dental’s team. Her role is a skillful matchmaker, connecting individuals whose skills and ambitions align seamlessly with the ethos of the company. Outside of her professional pursuits, Mayra treasures moments spent with family and friends, finding immense joy in these connections. Her love for exploration extends to a passion for travel, a realm she eagerly seeks to delve into further through thrilling adventures. This fervor for life and discovery fuels her excitement for the future, as she eagerly anticipates sharing her journey with those closest to her. Originally from Chicago, IL, Mayra’s upbringing in the suburban environment nurtured a strong work ethic and shaped her core values. Currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Pre-Dental at Triton College, she embodies an unwavering commitment to contributing her skills and knowledge to the Arch Dental Staffing team. Her enthusiasm to learn, coupled with her aspiration to continuously expand her expertise, ignites her dedication to enhancing the team’s capabilities and fostering its growth and success.”

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